ERIC Manual

Upload File Process and File Errors How to upload Employer Reporting file to ERIC and how to fix common errors that can prevent you from uploading your file to ERIC.
Payroll Reports How to review your report and resolve payroll detail errors in ERIC.
Enrolling New Employees How to enroll new employees in ERIC.
Enrollment Detail Errors How to resolve enrollment detail errors in ERIC.
Payment and Summary How to make a payment and submit your report in ERIC.
457 Payroll Reporting Reporting your 457 payroll in ERIC.
Adjustments Creating an adjustment in ERIC.
Terminating Employees How to terminate an employee in ERIC.
Payroll Schedule Step by step guide to setting up your Payroll Schedule for the first time in ERIC.
Setting up employees How to set up an employee to use ERIC.
Bank Information Step by step guide for adding, changing or removing your bank information in ERIC.
Manual Reporting Step by step guide for manually entering your payroll report in ERIC.
Copy Forward Step by step guide for using the copy forward function in ERIC.
Complete ERIC manual Complete ERIC manual.