Employer Videos

Welcome to MPERA's Employer Education Video web page. Here, you can watch video demonstrations of various functions of our online web reporting system.

PERIS - The Public Employee Information System (PERIS) will be MPERA's new reporting system. The following webinars were recorded to provide information to business users and vendors.

PERIS Business User Recorded Webinar

PERIS Vendor Recorded Webinar

PERIS - ERIC Training Video

REPORTING LOCAL ELECTED OFFICIALS - With elections approaching, you may have newly elected officials that will need to make an election regarding their participation in PERS. To ease the process, we have revised the forms for elected officials and have developed the following video to help employers become familiar with their choices.

Reporting Local Elected Officials


Reporting Working Retirees for Central Payroll

Working Retiree Certification This video demonstrates how to certify your working retiree hours online. (No sound)

Correcting Working Retiree Certification Errors This video demonstrates how to correct errors on your working retiree certification. (No sound)

Reporting Non-contributing Employees This video discusses rules and procedures for reporting all non-contributing employees in PERS.