Public Employee Retirement Information System (PERIS)

File Formats and Coding Values

The PERIS file formats are different from the old MPERA file formats. Please read them carefully. Note: The intent is to give vendors and in-house software developers what they need to work with the new file format and codes. Hopefully, this site will help with planning and development. There could be additions of codes or values. The file format (i.e. input file structures) are final. When you have questions, please contact the MPERA Technical Team.

Updated 7/20/2016 for All Employers:
MPERA Contribution Pay Type Impacts 

New 4/11/2016 for All Employers:
Compiled questions about file formats, 2/5/2016 – 4/8/2016

Updated 02/12/2016 for All Employers:
MPERA Interface File Definitions for Employer Reporting (no format changes, additional clarification text added)
MPERA Job Classifications and Pay Types (added codes for Rate Type)
Vendor Testing Instructions (2/6/2016)

Updated 12/15/2015 for All Employers:
Sample Upload File

New for Employers (not State of Montana Agencies):
MPERA Interface File Definition for Employer Insurance Reporting
457 SDA Information File Submitted To Non-SABHRS Employers From MPERA

New for State of Montana SABHRS:
MPERA Interface File Definition for State of Montana Central Payroll Insurance Reporting
457 SDA Information File Submitted To SAHBRS From MPERA (Updated 4/20/2016).

New for 457 Third Party Adminstrator (Empower Retirement):
457 Third Party Administrator File Layouts

Unchanged since 04/2015:
Business Rules Regarding Total Compensation Payroll Details Section
Total Compensation Payroll Detail Example