Steps to Retirement for Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Members

If you are a member of a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan and you are ready to retire, then follow these simple steps!



5 years before you plan to retire, attend the "Ready to Retire" interactive webinar associated with your system. This will give you a detailed look at the retirement process and your options. The webinar schedule is available on our website.

No time for a webinar? - watch a video on the "Steps to Retirement"; at your convenience.

Be sure to check out all our videos on that page:

  • Managing HealthCare/VEBA
  • Estate Planning



3 months before you plan to retire, contact MPERA for an official Defined Benefit Estimate Request. The estimate will give you an approximate amount of your monthly benefit and allow you to plan your retirement accordingly.



30 days before you plan to retire, complete the retirement forms that accompanied your benefit estimate and return them to MPERA. 

  • Application for Service Retirement
  • Direct Deposit Agreement
  • Withholding Certificate

Don't forget to inform your employer of your retirement!

Contact MPERA if you have any questions.