MPERA Educational Video Library

MPERA recognizes how busy life can be; therefore we have created a video library for you to view at your convenience. Whether you are new to the workforce or thinking about retirement, our video library has what you need to stay informed. Simply click on a link below.

Selecting Your Retirement Plan

This video is designed for new members of the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS) and covers both the Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Retirement plans. The presentation below will provide the details of both plans for you to make the right choice for you. As a new member you have 12 months to choose between these two plans.

PERS New Hire Plan Choice Video Run Time = 15 minutes


Are you ready to select a plan?

Complete the PERS Plan Choice Election form and return it to MPERA.



Ready to Retire?

The PERS Steps to Retirement video is for those members who are thinking about retirement within the next 5 years. This video explains the process and required paperwork to retire. (Run time= 19 min.)


Sheriffs Retirement System

Are you an SRS member who is ready to retire within the next 5 years? If so, click here; SRS-Steps to Retirement and get information you need to make fully informed decisions about; preparing for retirement, retirement eligibility, purchasing service credit, and the retirement process. (Run time= 13 min.)



Estate Planning

Estate Planning can help you answer the following questions; Do you know what happens if you die without a will in Montana? When should you plan your estate? Click on the link and discover the process of estate planning. (Run time= 40 min)


Social Security Benefits

Want to learn more about your Social Security Benefits? The Social Security Administration hosts live and pre-recorded webinars to provide important and up to date information.


Do you have more questions? Let us help by contacting our office at: 1-877-275-7372 or 406-444-3154. Or e-mail us at: mpera@mt.gov