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and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Participants

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Current Newsletters


September - Features articles about the Fixed Fund, two mutual funds replaced due to underperformance and Designated Roths!

May - Our post-legislative session newsletter summarizing retirement related legislation.

February - Our pre-legislative newsletter summarizing retirement related legislation. Also included is The Importance of Good Policy.


August - Features Lower Fees! Target Date Fund information, 457(b) Catch-up Provisions, and Great-West contact information!


November - Features Target Date Fund information, discontinuation of Asset Allocation funds, and an overview of our new webinars!

May - Our legislative newsletter summarizing the changes made by the legislature for the 2011 session. Please Note: MPERA has issued an updated edition of the May Directions Online newsletter. The sponsors of bills 119 and 223 have been added. We apologize for the oversight.

February - Our legislative newsletter summarizing proposed bills for the 2011 session. Also includes an article by PERB vice-president Terrence Smith and Pensions Benefit Everyone article.

Archived Newsletters

Directions - August

PERS-DCRP Stable Value Update Letter

Directions Online - August edition.

Directions Online - June edition. Legislative Report

Directions Online- October Edition

Directions Online - September Edition.

Directions Online - June edition. Legislative Report

Directions Online - January edition. Legislative Session What May Be In Store?