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Directions Online for Active Defined Benefit Members:
News and information for members of the Defined Benefit Retirement Systems including:

  • Public Employees' Retirement System, (PERS);
  • Judges' Retirement System (JRS);
  • Highway Patrol Retirement System (HPORS);
  • Sheriffs' Retirement System (SRS);
  • Game Wardens' and Peace Officers' Retirement System (GWPORS);
  • Municipal Police Officers' Retirement System (MPORS);
  • and
  • Firefighters' Unified Retirement System (FURS).
Directions Online for PERS Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP) and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan Participants:
News and notices for any members of the PERS Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP) and all the participants of the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. This include fund closures, new funds and transfers.

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