MPERA Retirees

Welcome retirees from the systems administered by MPERA! Here you can find information and materials you will find helpful.

Forms: Click the link to access forms for retirees.


Change My Address?  Fill out the Change of Address for Retirees form and send it to us.

Change My Direct Deposit? Fill out the Direct Deposit Election form and send it to us.

Change My Beneficiary? After you retire, if you selected Option 1 you can change your beneficiary at any time by contacting MPERA and receiving the correct forms. If you chose Option 2 and 3, the only way you can change is if you divorce your contingent annuitant or your contingent annuitant dies. If you chose Option 4, you can change your contingent annuitant at will. Contingent annuitant(s) receiving the Option 4 benefit may, in turn, designate their own contingent annuitants.  Contact MPERA for more information.

Go back to work? There are some limitations if you return to work. Click here for more information.

I have a family law order (FLO). What do I need to know? Read this to find out more information about retirement and family law orders.