About the Board

The Public Employees' Retirement Board is an independent, seven-member board, appointed by the Governor to administer eight retirement systems and the State’s Deferred Compensation Plan. The Board approves MPERA's operating budget, decides legislative policy and priorities, and hires the executive director.  In addition, the Board establishes the policies and procedures that govern operations at MPERA, hear and rule on appeal matters of disabilitants, retirees, and members. Board members do not receive compensation for their service to MPERA, but are reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred while serving.


Public Employees’ Retirement Board
(left to right): Pepper Valdez, Marty Tuttle, Sheena Wilson (resigned, effective Oct 2017), Timm Twardoski, Maggie Peterson, Julie McKenna, Mike McGinley

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Maggie Peterson,Vice President
Anaconda, Experience in Investment Management
PERS Board Representative - BOI since 5/31/2017
Appointed June 2014
Term Expires April 2019
Email: Maggie.Peterson@mt.gov

Mike McGinley
Dillon, Member at Large
Appointed April 2013
Term Expires April 2018
Email: Mike.McGinley@mt.gov

Timm Twardoski
Helena, Member at Large
Re-Appointed April 2016
Term Expires April 2021
Email: Timm.Twardoski@mt.gov

Marty Tuttle
Clancy, Active DC Plan Member
Appointed July 2015
Term Expires April 2019
Email: Marty.Tuttle@mt.gov

Julie McKenna
Helena, Active Public Employee
Re-Appointed April 2017
Term Expires April 2022
Email: Julie.McKenna@mt.gov

Pepper Valdez
Billings, Active Public Employee
Appointed July 2015
Term Expires April 2020
Email: Pepper.Valdez@mt.gov
Public Employees' Retirement Board
Mission Statement

The Montana Public Employees' Retirement Board, as fiduciaries, administers its retirement plans and trust fund, acting in the best interest of the members and beneficiaries.