Rule Notices

The following rule notices may apply to any one or all of the following retirement systems: PERS, JRS, HPORS, SRS, GWPORS, MPORS, FURS, VFCA, and the State of Montana 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.


MAR 2-43-591

In the matter of the amendment of ARM 2.43.1302, 2.43.2110, 2.43.2114, 2.43.2120, 2.43.2309, 2.43.2315, 2.43.2610, 2.43.2902, 2.43.3008, 2.43.4020, and 2.43.4620, all pertaining to the operation of the retirement systems and plans administered by the Montana Public Employees' Retirement Board and repeal of ARM 2.43.3601 pertaining to allocation of additional employer contributions on behalf of Montana university system employees in the optional retirement program