Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration


The Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration administers eight different defined benefit retirement systems for public employees across the state of Montana as well as 2 defined contribution retirement plans: the 401a and 457 plan.
New Public Employee Retirement System members

As a new PERS-eligible employee, you have the choice between two retirement plans.  You can elect to participate in the PERS defined benefit plan or the PERS defined contribution retirement plan.

If you are a new Montana University System employee, you have a third retirement plan option available to you.

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Deferred Compensation Plan 457(b)

If you are a State of Montana employee or your employer has contracted with MPERA for coverage, you are eligible to participate in a Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan, a supplemental and voluntary retirement plan to help you to save more for your retirement.

Ideally, your retirement should consist of multiple income sources including Social Security, your MPERA-administered benefit, and other savings and investments.