Volunteer Firefighters' Compensation Act (VFCA)

Instructions for Fire Chiefs to report in the Employer Reporting Information Center:

VFCA ERIC Reporting Manual

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The VFCA is a statewide retirement and disability plan. All members are unpaid volunteers and the State of Montana is the only contributor to the plan. The VFCA provides pension, disability and survivorship benefits for all volunteer firefighters who are members of qualified volunteer fire companies in unincorporated areas, towns or villages. The VFCA also provides limited medical expenses for injuries incurred in the line of duty.


Benefit: Beginning 01/01/2016 VFCA retirees will receive $8.75 a month for each year of credited service up to 20 years.

  • Credited service after 20 years remains at $7.50 a month for each year of service up to 30 years.
  • An additional monthly benefit may be available for more than 30 years of credited service if the trust fund is actuarially sound and amortizes in less than 20 years; this determination will be made annually.

Required age and years of credited service to be eligible for a benefit:

  • Age 55 and at least 20 years of credited service (full benefit).
  • Age 60 and at least 10 years of credited service (partial benefit).

Vesting: 10 years