Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration



As a courtesy and convenience to retirees, MPERA can deduct federal and Montana state taxes from your monthly benefit. We can also coordinate with your employer to deduct monthly insurance premiums.  

Withholding Taxes

MPERA will withhold federal and Montana state taxes at your request.   You can start, stop or change your withholding at any time. To have the taxes come out on the last working day of the month, you will want to be sure that MPERA has received that form in our office by no later than the 13th of the month you want that change to take effect.

Tax Withholding - Federal and Montana

Health Insurance Premium Deductions for State of Montana Employees

If you are preparing for retirement, you will want to speak to Employee Benefits that serve the State of Montana employees. They will have the information about your health insurance premiums and have the necessary forms for you to complete to have it deducted from your retirement benefit.

Health Insurance Premium Deductions For Non-State of Montana Agencies

If you would like to have health insurance deducted from your retirement check, please talk to your employer. They will have the appropriate paperwork for you to complete, and they will provide MPERA with the information so MPERA can make the deduction from your retirement benefit.

You cannot have private health insurance deducted directly from your benefit.

Stopping Deductions On Health Insurance

If you wish to stop health insurance deductions, you will need to contact your former employer's Human Resources division directly and they will notify MPERA to stop the deduction. 

Issue On Amounts

If you don’t agree with the amounts being deducted from your benefit you will need to contact your former employer directly. 

If Your Deductions Are More Than Retirement Check

In the event your monthly insurance deduction is more than your benefit payment, MPERA will stop the deduction. It will be important for you notify the appropriate insurance contact. You may have to pay for your insurance directly.