Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration


If you are a retiree from a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan, the Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment (GABA) may increase your retirement benefit, if you are eligible.

Before you receive an increase under GABA, you need to have received your benefit for at least 12 months. Once eligible, you may receive your first increase in your retirement benefit payment that following January.

For example: If you retire on July 1, 2022, you will meet the 12-month requirement on July 1, 2023. You may then receive your first GABA increase beginning with your January 1, 2024 benefit.

The GABA applies to:

  • Service Retirement Benefit;
  • Early Retirement Benefit;
  • Disability Retirement Benefit; and
  • Survivorship Benefit.

GABA also applies to recipients, other than members, such as contingent annuitants and survivors. It does not apply to a person receiving the lumpsum death payment as an annuity.