Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration

Join MPERA Education Specialist's as we host a variety of webinars for employers.  Descriptions of each webinar can be found below.  

Current Employer Training Schedule

Training is available on a quarterly basis.

Contact MPERA Employer Support
For more information about employer education call 1-844-304-5452.


This webinar is for Employers new to ERIC. We will cover how to sign in for the first time, navigating and tips to help you report in the ERIC system.

As an Employer there are things required by MPERA that you should know. This webinar will go over all the information to help you report and know on behalf of your employees.

Learn more about the 457(b) Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan you may provide to your employees.  This training will review the 457(b), how the plan works, who can join, the resources available, and much more.

Learn the best practice for completing adjustments in ERIC.  You will learn why and how to complete adjustments.

Learn the best practice for enrolling new employees in ERIC.  You will learn who, why, and how to enroll employees.

Learn who is eligible for optional PERS memberships and how to provide this retirement choice to your new employees.

Learn the best practice for terminating employees and reporting final payouts in ERIC.  You will learn who, why, and how to terminate employees.