Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration

New Employee Enrollment

Our employers are the first point of contact in relaying important information about our new members. This includes members and non-members who work for the employer (MCA 19-2-506) (3). When enrolling a new employee in the Employer Reporting and Information Center (ERIC), we kindly ask for the following information:

  • Accurate Social Security Number- an erroneous Social Security Number can impact the employee greatly by showing an additional account, if enrolled previously. It also can create problems when the employee tries to refund or retire. If you find you have entered an incorrect social security, please contact MPERA immediately so we can correct the error.
  • Valid address and email address- also known as “demographic information.” Having a valid email and mailing address can assist us in contacting the employee concerning their account, in the event they leave employment or move.


Contact MPERA Employer Support

For information about contributions, reporting, employer agreements, or other employer questions call 1-844-304-5452 or 406-444-3994.