Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration

Optional Membership

New employees in the following positions have the option to become members of PERS:

  • Elected officials of state or local government who are paid on a salary or wage basis or are receiving PERS retirement benefits.
  • Employees scheduled to work less than 960 hours per fiscal year (cumulative if working in more than one PERS position).
  • Employees directly appointed by the Governor.
  • Employees of the legislative branch, working 10 months or less, performing work related to the legislative session.
  • Chief administrative officers of a city or county.
  • Employees of a county hospital or rest home.

As the Employer, you need to provide your Employee(s) working under 960 hours the Optional Membership Election Form that can be found on our website here.

If your new employee chooses PERS membership on their Optional Membership Election Form, you will terminate their Optional Position and enroll them as a PERS member.

If your employee does not complete their Optional Membership Election Form within 90 days, they waive membership in PERS.


For further information on the Administrative Rules regarding Optional Membership, click here.

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